Welcome to the official website of the Republican Party of  DeSoto County Florida, hosted by the DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee.

Along with 66 other Florida County Republican Executive Committees, we are the Republican Party of Florida.

Our goal is to increase the share of the vote for GOP candidates and to maximize the Republican vote. We seek out and support GOP candidates locally, and encourage Republicans to become active year-round. We strive to increase Republican voter registration. Our purpose is to maintain a visible presence within the DeSoto County community through fundraising and participation in community events.

If you would like to become a member of the Desoto County Republican Executive Committee to be a part of the Republican leadership in Desoto County, please reach out to us here.

We are looking for precinct committee members.

If you are Republican and are interested in becoming a leader of the Republican Party in DeSoto County, contact one of our officers by phone or EMAIL.


MyShelley's Kitchen Restaurant
15 W. Oak St.
Arcadia Fl. 34266

Date & time:
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm

DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee Officers

General Email:

Erik Howard

State Committeeman:
Robert Staton

State Committeewoman:
Trudi Super

DeSoto County Republican Committee