DeSoto REC 2024 Legislative Priorities


Legislative Priorities of the DeSoto County Republican Party, Submitted to the Florida Legislature for the 2024 Legislative Session

The DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee hereby resolves to express its Legislative Priorities for the State of Florida Legislature for the 2024 Legislative Session.

1. Defend and restore our gun rights:

  • Repeal “Red-Flag Laws”
  • Prohibit and invalidate all federal laws and regulations that infringe on the Peoples’ right to keep and bear arms and also prohibit under penalty of law, all local and state law enforcement from enforcement of any such law or regulation
  • Eliminate Gun-Free zones
  • Restore the 2nd Amendment Rights to 18-20 years olds
  • Pass full permit-less, Open-Carry (Constitutional Carry)

2. Ban China and Agents of the Chinese Communist Party OR any hostile country from buying any and ALL Florida Real Property.

3. Ban the international export of all phosphate (or phosphate products) mined in Florida and only allow companies/individuals owned entirely of Florida citizens to mine phosphate.

4. Protect Our Elections.

5. Secure the Border:

  • Florida shall immediately deny all taxpayer-funded services and subsidies to illegal aliens
  • Pass mandatory E-Verify for all private sector businesses
  • The Legislature shall direct the Governor to enter into an Interstate Compact with one or more states to fund and secure the US Border including finishing the US Southern Border Wall
  • Adopt an Alien Registration Act providing for mandatory registration of aliens who have illegally entered the United States or, having entered legally, have overstayed their visa or violated the terms of their visa; providing for criminal penalties and incarceration

6. Abolish Abortion:

  • Abolish nearly all abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all preborn children from the moment of conception, including adopting tools to ensure the enforcement of our laws to protect life if State Attorneys fail to do so

7. Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying:

  • Abolish all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying

8. Protect Faith Within Education:

  • Allow display of traditional Scriptures in classroom (e.g. Ten Commandments)
  • Allow moral teachings from historic texts as literature classes to be added to curriculum

9. Enhance Solar Freedom for Residents:

  • Allow utility users to remove themselves from power grid without penalty
  • Eliminate minimum fee charges on consumers imposed by utility companies

10. Solar Energy:

  • Allow Counties to tax FPL’s and other power utility providers’ solar fields and end subsidies and taxes that benefit FPL and other power utility providers.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be provided to our representatives in government and be made available to the public as an expression of our legislative priorities for 2024.

Adopted this November 21, 2023 by the DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee.

Erik L. Howard

DeSoto County Republican Committee