Ron DeSantis, Florida governor

The Republican Party was founded as a political organization whose first goal was personal freedom. We were created to fight slavery, pure and simple. Abolition was the number one reason for the establishment of the Republican Party.

Over the past 16 decades and more, the Republican Party fought the Democrat Party on a variety of issues, but the core always came down to individual freedoms.

Whether our position on the New Deal and its attendant taxes, socialized medicine, abortion, free exercise of religion or a host of other issues, the GOP has always stood for individual freedom versus the collectivism and authoritarianism of the Democrats.

That trend only strengthened with the election of Ronald Reagan and the influx of former Southern Democrats who suddenly recognized the confidence game the Democrat Party was running on the American People.

Then, in 2016 Donald J. Trump became our 45th President. His “America First” agenda appealed to a broad range of Americans in particular blue collar workers, and evangelicals. President Trump swelled the ranks  of the Republican Party adding 14 million new voters to the GOP.

In Florida, the 2022 election cycle returned Governor Ron DeSantis to office for a second term, along with a Republican sweep in both houses of the state’s Congress. He continues to lead the state with strong Republican principles and strong state support. Meet Ron DeSantis

Today, our battle is to return our United States to her moral roots, to defend religious liberty, to protect the unborn, to secure our border, to defend the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and to stop socialism from growing in our nation.

DeSoto County Republican Committee